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Are you a Christian motorcyclist looking for an exciting and fulfilling motorcycle service organization to become involved in? Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries or (MJM) welcomes all committed Christians that would like to combine their passion for Motorcycles and thier passion for Jesus Christ. See membership page for more details.

Our Mission:

The primary mission of MJM is to lovingly share the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world. Focusing primarily on the motorcycling community through secular and Christian events, worship services, helping hand activities, and other related motorcycling activities. Mission Statement

Back Patch

The MJM back patch illustrates our mission.
Click the Back Patch for a description.
See our Mission Statement for more details.


Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries is a ONE back patch organization.  
OUR BACK PATCH IS NOT TO BE ADDED TO IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.   I.E.  identifying rockers, territory, T.E.A.M. names, etc. cannot be worn on the back of a members vest or jacket.

Our Purpose: The purpose of MJM is to guide the motorcyclist into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to give positive direction by example on how to live one’s life through the authority and power of God in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.

MJM members are to seek out and assist fellow motorcyclists with their physical, personal and/or spiritual needs, to organize local witnessing groups called TEAMs (Telling Everyone About Messiah) and to establish fellowship within the local TEAM.


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