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Are you a Christian motorcyclist looking for an exciting and fulfilling motorcycle service organization to become involved in? Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries or (MJM) welcomes all committed Christians. The only prerequisite for membership is the following: that you must be a born again Christian who is eighteen years of age or older and has a desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.






Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries (MJM) is a national ministry organized in 1989 to provide Christian motorcyclists a democratic, member-led organization that reaches others for Christ. Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a Non-Profit and Tax Exempt corporation under 501 © (3).

Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries is a ONE back patch organization.  
OUR BACK PATCH IS NOT TO BE ADDED TO IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.   I.E.  identifying rockers, territory, T.E.A.M. names, etc. cannot be worn on the back of a members vest or jacket.


The purpose of MJM is to guide the motorcyclist into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to give positive direction by example on how to live one’s life through the authority and power of God in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.

MJM members are to seek out and assist fellow motorcyclists with their physical, personal and/or spiritual needs, to organize local witnessing groups called TEAMs (Telling Everyone About Messiah) and to establish fellowship within the local TEAM.


The MJM logo and back patch illustrates our mission.

The primary mission of MJM is to lovingly share the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost world. Focusing primarily on the motorcycling community through secular and Christian events, worship services, helping hand activities, and other related motorcycling activities.

The MJM member is encouraged to join other national and local motorcycle organizations and let his/her Christian light shine.

MJM is chartered with the American Motorcycle Association. (AMA)

MJM owns no property.

Organizational Structure:

The only head of Motorcyclists for Jesus Ministries is our Lord Jesus Christ.

MJM is structured democratically to allow its members to decide and elect the leadership - a Board of Directors that establishes and governs policy.

A member may work alone or be part of a local TEAM. Two or more MJM members may apply for a charter to become a local TEAM. The TEAM is the backbone of MJM. Members may participate in local community service and will be supported by MJM with literature

MJM has no paid officers .

Each person donates his or her time and talents in fulfilling the duties of the position he or she holds. All monies received from your membership dues, are used for the publication and mailing of our monthly national newsletter (The TEAM Voice), and for incidentals. All donations received are used in assisting our members and local TEAMs in their Christian endeavors.

National Officers Include:

Member elected Board of Directors, Chaplain/Educational Director, Treasurer/Financial Secretary,

Membership Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Goodies Administrator, Road Rep/TEAM Administrator, and your local Road Representative.

Within about two weeks, every new member will receive his/her MJM membership card, pin, and a Membership Handbook that outlines the entire ministry and your first copy of the TEAM Voice Newsletter. Subsequent TEAM Voice Newsletter can be viewed on the Newsletter page of our Web Site and emailed to your email account. For those who do not have Internet service you may request a printed copy to be sent to you.

After prayer and thought, you may choose to team up with us and become a MJM Motorcycle Missionary.

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